International Society for Iranian Studies 5th Biennial Meeting, 2004

At the 2004 International Society for Iranian Studies (ISIS) Fifth Biennial Meeting, on May 28–30, in Bethesda, Maryland, Ilex Foundation hosted a panel entitled “The Rhetoric of Biography: Narrating Lives Through Prefaces, Chronicles, and Scripts.”


Louise Marlowe, Wellesley College


Mohsen Ashtiany, Columbia University

Paper topics and presenters

“Life in the Beginnings”
Olga M. Davidson, Brandeis University

“The Self and the World in the History of the World-Conqueror”
Amir Mahallati, McGill University

“Imam Riza and al-Ma’mun on Iranian Television”
Michael Cooperson, University of California at Los Angeles

“Biography and Individuality: The Case of Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur, 1483-1530.”
Stephen Dale, Ohio State University