MESA 2003 Panel

Ilex Foundation hosted a panel entitled “Dreaming Across Boundaries: Divination in Islamic Lands,” at the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting on November 7–9, in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Richard W. Bulliet, Columbia University


Mohsen Ashtiany, Columbia University

Paper topics and presenters

“Dreams in the Manaqib of a Moroccan Sufi Shaykh: ‘Abd al-Aziz ad-Dabbagh (d. 1719)”
Jonathan G. Katz, Oregon State University

“An Early Muslim Autobiographical Dream Narrative: Abu Ja’far Al-Qayini and His Vision of the Prophet Mohammed”
John C. Lamoreaux, Southern Methodist University

“Divination and Dream Imagery”
Serpil Bagci, Hacettepe University

“The Dream as a Narrative Device in the Shâhnâma”
Olga M. Davidson, Brandeis University

“Dream as Prophecy in the Work of Al-Ghazali”
Eric Ormsby, McGill University